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The Heat is On 58/365

The Heat is On (Again)  58/365


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Coalcliff, Sydney The heat has followed me from Melbourne, getting up to 42 degrees in Sydney this afternoon… I celebrated by going to the beach, driving 50kms South of Sydney to Coalcliff, a little hard to find beach that I knew would not get too crowded… I went surfing, but broke my leg rope in the first 20 minutes and couldn’t continue without, as there are lots of rocks on the shore that could damage my board… best cryptocurrency trading platform philippines

The Heatwave 56/365

The HeatWave   56/365


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The Great Ocean Road, Victoria 5 days over 40 degrees Celsius, a record heatwave in Victoria. We spent the day at the beach, at a little river called St Johns. There wasn’t much surf around, but we had some fun anyway, and kept cool. Later we had dinner and drinks at the Lorne Hotel… best crypto trading platform in philippines

Weekend Wars 55/365

Weekend Wars  55/365


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Cumberland River, Great Ocean Road Flew from Sydney to Avalon Airport near Melbourne, at the start of the Great Ocean Road. The state was in the middle of a record heat wave, 5 days over 40.. when I arrived in Avalon it was 44 degrees Celsius! (that 110 Fahrenheit!)… at least packing was easy, shorts, t-shirts and thongs only, no long pants or jackets… I arrived around 3pm, got picked up by my friend Boe and family, then we drove down to Cumberland River, where we camped with another family for the weekend. After we set up we went for a surf at the above beach, then drove to Lorne Hotel for dinner… only to find out the whole town was blacked out due to the Heatwave….

Bronte Beach Sunset 53/365

Bronte Beach Sunset    53/365


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Bronte Beach, Sydney Another hot one in Sydney.. 35++. I drove straight to Bronte after work and started the Australia Day long weekend surfing some solid walls on the beach break… 3 shot HDR Nikon D300

The Big 5-0 50/365

The Big 5-0     50/365


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Palm Beach, Sydney Whoops… I missed a few days there for a bit.. first I had to work back late, then I got sick with the Flu, then my wife got sick! I probably could have made it to a beach close to home, but wanted to do something special for my 50th picture in a row, which, ironically led to my first break… Oh wells.. back on track now, I hope… I drove up to Palm Beach after work.. the surf was really sloppy so I just walked straight up to the lighthouse, found a good lookout spot and waited for the colour….

Cool Change 46/365

Cool Change    46/365

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Bondi Icebergs, Sydney A cool change finally hit Sydney today, bringing with it some much needed coolness…

Happy New Year!! 38/365

Happy New Year!!   38/365

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Sydney Harbour Bridge So, after a ‘couple’ of drinks at work I took the train into the city to meet up with everyone.. We drifted from pub to pub until 9pm, where we went to Jones Pier, which is near Star City Casino. The 9pm fireworks were ok, but didn’t involve the bridge.. so we decided to stay at the casino until the big event. This time we went to the dock before Jones, where I found a great vantage point upstairs. This was my first time taking pictures of fireworks, so I experimented around with exposures… turns out its fairly difficult to get it right due to the changing light conditons, but as always, if you take enough pics you usually get one or two good ones! This is the one I liked the best, because it has people in it which I think completes the scene… ironic actually, as I spent most of the night trying to keep people out of my shots! Going to pack now… flying to Melbourne at 3:30pm crypto trading platform philippines

Glamarama 36/365

Glamarama   36/365

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Tamarama Beach, Sydney After a hot and sticky day stuck in the warehouse at work sorting out something, I drove straight to Tamarama Beach and jumped into the surf. Very refreshing end to the day…. I started reading a book I got for Xmas about Shipwrecks around Australia, which Im finding fascinating.. I might try to travel to some of the places in the book and take pictures there and explain the history…..

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